Boost your child's NAPLAN performance

RiSE+ NAPLAN-style practice tests closely match the real test experience. The questions are based on NAPLAN-topics and are written in the NAPLAN-style.

There’s no better way for your child to feel confident and ready for NAPLAN.

NAPLAN-style practice tests for Years 2 - 7

Improve numeracy skills with online practice tests

Get your child ready for NAPLAN

With NAPLAN-style questions for Maths and English, your child will experience the exam first-hand for their year level.

Wide range of math practice questions for all levels

Realistic practise  

By building familiarity with assessment in an online format, to cultivate a sense of assurance and confidence pre assessment day.

ICAS practice tests for year 2 to year 7 students

Improve Numeracy and Literacy skills

Prepare your child for NAPLAN with numerous Maths and English practice tests, to build their skills and help them achieve their best.

Help your child know what to expect

Unfamiliar situations can be nerve-wracking, especially for children. RiSE+ is an online test platform made to familiarise your child with the test environment and online question styles that are unique to the exam.

This can make them feel much more relaxed, comfortable and confident on test day.

Online NAPLAN practice tests
vs NAPLAN worksheets

Online NAPLAN practice tests NAPLAN worksheets and past papers
RiSE+ tests are delivered on an online test platform, so your child can become familiar with the NAPLAN test environment before they sit it Paper-based tests don’t allow your child to experience the actual NAPLAN online test environment.
Unlimited re-sits to improve skills. Your child only gets one shot at the paper.
Tests are auto-marked immediately so you can get quick feedback on your child’s progress. Every test needs to be manually marked, which can be time-consuming.
Highlight your child’s strengths and weaknesses with personalised progress reports that identify what to work on next. No progress report provided, making it difficult to pinpoint strengths and development areas.
Focus on NAPLAN-specific skills and topics. Focus on NAPLAN-specific topics, but only with one chance at completing the paper.
Your child will experience NAPLAN- style questions, including using an interactive ruler and protractor, and dragging and dropping answers. Missing online-specific question styles like dragging and dropping, and using the interactive tools such as ruler and protractor.
NAPLAN-style practice pack
Available for Years 2 to 7

Increase your child’s chances of achieving top band results with hundreds of NAPLAN-style questions.

10 NAPLAN-style practice tests

4 x Numeracy NAPLAN-style practice tests
3 x Reading NAPLAN-style practice tests
3 x Grammar NAPLAN-style practice tests

Single payment,Valid for 365 days

The best NAPLAN preparation for
Year 2 to 7 school students

NAPLAN-style questions that cover skills and topics included in the NAPLAN test.
Immediate results and feedback to help your child learn and improve skills.
Personalised Progress Reports highlight skills to focus on prior to the NAPLAN test.
Build familiarity in an online format to cultivate a sense of assurance and confidence pre assessment day.
Unlimited re-sits. Your child can practice the tests at their own pace and complete them as many times as they like.
All RiSE+ practice tests are developed by experts in assessment writing (the same team behind ICAS), ensuring high quality questions relevant to each year level.

Free trial
Two subjects

3 practice tests
1 x General Abilities Test
1 x ICAS-style Maths practice test
1 x ICAS-style English practice test
General Abilities Test report only

Single subject

24 practice tests
1   x General Abilities Test
23 x Maths practice tests OR
23 x English practice tests
Personalised progress reports

Most popular
Two subjects

47 practice tests
1   x General Abilities Test
23 x Maths practice tests AND
23 x English practice tests
Personalised progress reports
Standard and Premium subscriptions will auto renew at the standard rate until you cancel.

What is the NAPLAN exam?

NAPLAN stands for the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy. It’s an annual standardised assessment administered by the Australian government to all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 across Australia. It tests the important skills essential for every student to progress through school and life, including reading, writing, spelling, grammar (English) and numeracy. The content of each test is informed by the Australian Curriculum.

NAPLAN helps parents understand how their child is progressing against national standards in literacy and numeracy and over time.

NAPLAN was previously held in the second week of May but has moved to mid-March from 2023.

In 2024, the NAPLAN testing window will be held from Wednesday 13 March to Monday 25 March.

Give your child a NAPLAN advantage