About Us

The team behind RiSE+ have been developing assessments and practice tests for schools for over 40 years. We are a group of teachers who love education and love helping kids feel great about improving their learning. We want to see RiSE+ used to advance every child’s understanding and confidence.
RiSE+ has been developed to support parents and children in their learning journey. Our expertise in and passion for supporting learners is the motivation behind developing RiSE+ as a family- focussed assessment practice tool to help every family unlock their children’s potential.
Education professionals have been involved in the development of RiSE+ every step of the way. By combining our team’s many years of experience in the classroom with extensive professional experience writing NAPLAN and ICAS test materials as well as providing curriculum advice and academic leadership in Australia and overseas we are excited to deliver RiSE+ utilising the latest pedagogical and educational measurement and research principles. 

Our purpose is to unlock the potential in every learner.

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The RiSE+ team are proud
to be a part of a company
that is a force-for-good.

Our team

Our team brings extensive expertise and passion for using educational technology and combines it with the expertise of professional assessment writers and our user design and system experts to deliver a world-class assessment practice and insights product, delivering on Janison’s mission statement to “Unlock the potential in every school-age learner.”
We strive to create a positive impact on learners and educators, knowing that parents and caregivers play a key role in their children’s education whilst supporting every child to achieve their best. 

Janison, our parent company, is an Australian-owned, ASX-listed education technology pioneer whose team of experts and developers innovate online assessment and learning solutions for global corporations, governments and education bodies worldwide.

RiSE+ provides the opportunity for children to feel comfortable with the technology used in today’s important assessments such as NAPLAN, ICAS, selective schools and scholarship or placement tests. That is because the RiSE+ platform is powered by Janison Insights. The same platform used to deliver NAPLAN, ICAS, NSW Department of Education Check-in, NSW Department of Education VALID, ASI (Australian Science Innovation) Big Science Competition and many more assessments delivered in schools around the world.

RiSE+ provides the opportunity for children to feel comfortable with the technology used in today’s important assessments.

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I love that [the tests] are fun and engaging and that the screen time the children enjoy is educational
RiSE+ Parent
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There is no online platform currently on the market offering this concept for school aged kids to practice, learn and improve outside school.
RiSE+ Parent
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I love that it will provide feedback on my children's strengths and what needs improvement.
RiSE+ Parent