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Prepare your child for academic success with online practice tests designed to build their confidence, relieve their anxiety on test day and help them get ahead.

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for Year 2 to 7 students

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Online practice tests to help achieve academic success

Wide range of math practice questions for all levels

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The perfect way to become familiar with the RiSE+ platform and personalised reporting capabilities, while exploring the different types of Math's and English practice questions available for your child's year level.

Improve numeracy skills with online practice tests

NAPLAN practice tests

For Years 2 to 7

Support your child's NAPLAN preparation with NAPLAN-style English and Maths practice tests, and help them get familiar with the NAPLAN online test format.

ICAS practice tests for year 2 to year 7 students

ICAS practice tests

For Years 2 to 7

Help your child achieve their ambitious ICAS goals with realistic practice on the same test player as the ICAS competition.

12 question types, 5,000+ questions,

12 question types,
5,000+ questions,

30+ tests for each year level

The benefits of RiSE+ for exam preparation

  • Actionable progress reports identify how you can help your child achieve their full potential.
  • Personalised insights pinpoint your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities.
  • Results are shared immediately after every test completion.
  • Unlimited re-sits. Practice each test as many times as you like.
  • Build familiarity with assessment in an online format, to cultivate a sense of assurance and confidence pre assessment day.
  • Curriculum-linked skill areas are tailored to your child’s year level.
  • PLUS, receive 30 bonus tests for year levels 4–7 to further develop foundational skills.
Personalised insights pinpoint your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities.
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Parents are raving about the RiSE+ online exam practice platform

"I love that it's an impartial true representation of your child's abilities."


"Great resource. Focus tests and ICAS-style tests means we're able to work on each skill individually once a weakness is identified."


"Easy to use. Valuable resource"

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Take your child's academic results to the next level
Take your child's academic results to the next level